Your Dream’s Ten Best Friends

Guiding Principles That Reveal the Truth of Your Dreams

Your Dream’s Ten Best Friends:

Guiding Principles That Reveal the Truth of Your Dreams

Though graduating with a PhD in psychology, Len Worley writes that he was ill equipped to understand any of his own dreams, much less those of his clients. This dramatically changed after meeting a therapist who over some 30 years mentored him in a novel approach to dreamwork. “Often with only a question or two,” he writes, “she would bring pristine clarity to what a moment before had been an obscure, meaningless jumble of dream images.”

Reflecting on how his mentor did this and how he subsequently learned to do the same with his clients, Dr Worley began to ponder a question, “How do we move from a dream being a haphazard assortment of puzzling images to suddenly becoming an uncanny source of wisdom and guidance?”

In Ten Best Friends Dr Worley identifies essential guiding principles that when followed can lead dreamers to meaningful understanding of their dreams. This is not a dictionary of dream symbols. Quite the opposite. Ten Friends does not give quick, predetermined explanations about the meaning of dreams. Instead the guiding principles described here enable the dreamer to avoid common mistakes that obscure the intention of the dreaming process. As a result the purpose of the dream becomes apparent.

Distilling wisdom from three decades of working with thousands of dreams, Your Dream’s Ten Best Friends introduces you to ten guides who can keep you oriented in a strange and bizarre landscape. These guiding principles not only protect you from getting lost, they also guide you to where hidden treasures of wisdom lay just out of sight.

Your Dream’s Ten Best Friends is currently available in a 5-part online education course. See Your Dream’s Ten Best Friends: Investigative Tools of Dreamwork.