Guidance Sessions

I draw on thirty years of experience as a psychologist, marriage and family therapist, dream researcher, body worker (Rolfer) and health consultant. I offer in-person consultations in Austin, TX and long distance consultations by phone and Skype.

My psychological orientation is rooted in the Depth Psychology of Carl Jung, with particular attention to the use of dreams as a means of discerning guidance for one’s life. My bodywork training as a Rolfer enables me to perceive how the emotional body is intelligently expressed through physical sensation—pain, tension, restlessness, and loss of vitality. I am a devoted student of Functional Nutrition and Medicine, which I believe offers the most sophisticated and investigative approach in today’s world for using diet to dramatically improve the quality of brain function and elevate and stabilize mood. All of these bodies of knowledge come into play when I sit and work with someone.

My spiritual yearning has led me beyond the early confines of a fundamentalist upbringing to explore spiritual practices in Christian mysticism, Buddhism, Shamanism, and yoga. I believe a person’s spirituality holds extraordinary possibility for nurturing and maturing the personality or, regrettably, narrowing and rigidifying a person, depending upon the degree of compassion and inclusiveness in one’s underlying attitude. For those who are interested I can offer non-dogmatic, life-affirming meditative/imaginal practices which are helpful for healing trauma and transcending limitations that have been imposed on us through fate, as well as for cultivating love and happiness.

While I worked for over twenty years as a licensed psychotherapist, I no longer offer my services through this medium. My work is inclusive of bodywork, nutrition, and psychospiritual practices, and I find I can work easiest and with less constraint by practicing under an ordination as an inter-faith minister. For this reason, health insurance does not reimburse for my services.

My consultation fee is $200 per hour.

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Heart Intelligence: The Science and Guided Meditation

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  • Guided Meditation Using the Heart Breath and the Six Heart Virtues: The Heart Breath is a meditative practice that concentrates breathing as if in and out of the heart while cultivating feelings of positive emotions, here called Heart Virtues. This practice is inspired by the research of The Heart Math Institute ( and the article, Living from the Heart, found at
  • How and Why the Heart Breath Works — The Science A brief overview is given of the science behind The Heart Breath

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